Singapore Carnival Games Rental

We have a wide range of carnival games for rent in Singapore. From traditional game stalls to arcade machines, our games are fun and professional-looking at the same time! If you are looking for good quality yet affordable carnival games for rent, here it is! Our sales team will be glad to assist your enquiries.

Last month, we have deliver a few of our carnival games for a private company event at Tuas!

Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Our game stalls include inflatable dart, soccer game, archery game, feed the clown, finish the race, shoot the duck, milk can toss, ring toss, match the colour, daytona and arcade basketball!

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Carnival Event management at Hyundai Car Showroom

Here in Carnival World, we provide event management service and in-house carnival equipment rental. If you want to have a professional-looking carnival to entertain your guest at your event, look no further as we have it all!

Here’s a short clip of how our carnival equipment looks like:

To book, simple send us the following details to :

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Carnival Games and Snacks Supply

Here in Carnival World, we supply various carnival equipment rental for events in Singapore. From carnival games, carnival snacks to inflatable bounce castles… you name it, we have it! As a one-stop carnival equipment’s supplier, we aim to provide creative carnival equipment that you can never find it anywhere else in Singapore!

Below are some of our carnival equipment we have supplied for an event last month at Heart of God Church!

Balloon Blaster Rental Singapore

Balloon Blaster Game Rental

Balloon Blaster Game Rental Singapore

Balloon Blaster Game Rental

Plinko Prize Game Rental Singapore

Plinko Prize Game Rental

Large Game Booth Rental Singapore

Large 3 in 1 Games Rental

Dunking Tank Rental Singapore

Dunking Tank Rental

Other than carnival games, here are some of our popular carnival  snacks as well!

Carnival Snacks Rental

Carnival Snacks

Hotdog Machine Rental Singapore

Hotdog Machine Rental

Ice Cream Cart Rental Singapore

Ice Cream Cart Rental

Event Manpower for hire

Carnival World’s Friendly Event Manpower

Here’s a video of our equipment rental at Heart of God Church Event:

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Pool Party Equipment Rental

Are you planning to a pool party in Singapore? Here in Carnival World, you can now create an extraordinary pool party with our fun equipments for both kids and adults! Here are some of our pool party equipment rental in Singapore:


Paddle Boat for kids.


Stepping Stone


Inflatable Water Obstacle

For more information about our carnival equipment rental, click here.

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Create FUN with Carnival World today!

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Carnival Snacks for Events

Carnival World provides various carnival snacks for events in Singapore! Choose from popcorns and candy floss to ice cream or even churros, we have it all!

Last month, we have provided our carnival snacks for an event a Singapore Polo Club 130th anniversary and takashimaya toys department.


Ice Cream Cart Rental by Carnival World.popcorn-stall-for-rent-singapore

Popcorn Machine Rental by Carnival World.


Delicious popcorns for hire. Check out how our popcorn machine rental looks like when you engage Carnival World in the video below:

Other than our carnival snacks, we also provide professional talents for events as well. Choose from balloon sculpting and face painting to stage performers such as magician and juggler, we have it all here at Carnival World as well!


Face Painting Activity.


Professional Children Magic Show

Turn your event into a carnival with us today!

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CSR Carnival Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to provide our event management services to Maybank Global CSR Day 2016! The Carnival was hosted at MINDS school and it was a huge success!


Our services includes food stalls such as Kacang Puteh, Candy Floss and hotdog bun stalls, fringe activities such as caricature drawing, airbrush tattoo, balloon sculpting, photo booth and our popular sand art station, professional game stalls, tele match host and even magic show! Below are the gallery of our activities:

Telematch Hosting

Food Stalls

Game Stalls

Fringe Activities

Magic Show

Having the passion to create a fun and memorable carnival is why we are good at what we do. Find out more about our event management service here.

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Singapore Traditional Game Stalls

Here in Carnival World, we provide traditional game stalls for various events in Singapore. With 7 different types of traditional games to choose from, we are able to customise any traditional games that you wish to have as well!

Below are the traditional game stalls we did for Serangoon Garden Country Club National Day event! Traditional games include Tikam Tikam, Coconut Bowling, Bottle Ring Toss, Hopscotch, marble, Five Stones, Congkak and Tin Cans Toss.

Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Tikam Tikam

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Game Prizes

Traditional Coconut Bowling Game

Coconut Bowling

Traditional Bottle Ring Toss Game

Bottle Ring Toss

Five Stones Game for Event

Five Stones



Congkak Game for Rent


Marble Game


Tin Cans Toss Game Stall

Tin Cans Toss

Other than our traditional game stalls, we provide traditional ice popsicle and kacang puteh for their guest as well! All I can say is, everyone loves it!

Thai Ice Popsicle Singapore

Traditional Ice Popsicle

Kachang Putei for event

Kacang Puteh

Lastly, we also have our professional airbrush tattoo artist at the event as well. Even the kids are having fun with our temporary tattoo!

Event Airbrush Tattoo for hire

Airbrush Tattoo

All in all, this event was a success! Our traditional game stalls have also become one of the main attraction at the event. All the games bring back memories of the good old days, and kids today still enjoy playing them!

Carnival Event Management at Country Club

To view this event’s video, click on the play button below:

For more information about our game stalls, click here.
For more information about our carnival event management service, click here.

Our clients love our carnivals. You could be next!

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Carnival Snacks and Games in Singapore

Carnival World has provided carnival snacks and carnival games in Singapore for many events the past few week.Popcorns and Hotdog Stall Our popular carnival snacks include popcorn, candy floss, ice cream, hotdog buns, kacang puteh etc.

Carnival Snacks Stations Carnival Snacks never fail to attract both children and adults at an event! Contact us to find out our affordable carnival snack stalls rental. Click here for more information about our Carnival Food Stalls rental.

We would also like to introduce our new carnival coffee stall in Singapore!Event Coffee Drink StallCoffee stall has attracted many adults and coffee lovers who wants to refresh themselves up at an event! It is great for event such as staff retreat, family day and any carnival party!

Event Coffee Station Singapore Professional coffee stall set up.

Event Coffee for hire Contact us for more information about the coffee stall.

Event Game Stations

Carnival Game Stalls for a promotion event. Click here to view our carnival game stalls gallery.

As a team of carnival event planner, we don’t just manage an event… We create memories.

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TeleDirect Family Day Event in Singapore

Carnival World is proud to plan another successful event for TeleDirect family day event in Singapore!

Services we provide include Popcorn and Candy Floss machine rental, ice popsicle stall, carnival game stalls, Dunking Machine Rental, Tables and Chairs Rental, Large-scale Fan Rental, professional sound system rental, professional DJ and Emcee Wayne to host the event and game session!

As a carnival event planner in Singapore, you can trust us on the recommended items that suits best for your events. Unlike many, we have our own in-house carnival items and talents. Therefore, we are able to provide a competitive rates for our carnival event planning services.

For more information about our carnival event planning services, click here.

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Carnival Games & Activities Package

Carnival World would like to introduce our Carnival Games and Activities Package for all event planners in Singapore!

Carnival Event Management Sentosa

There is a wide range of games to choose from and activities are also included in this package. Carnival World is a carnival theme events company in Singapore, with over 10 years of experience! We have planned for various companies and community events for family day over the years.

Below are some of our games and activities:

Click here to discover other attractive and affordable carnival event packages!

Customisable package is also available for selective ones! Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at

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