An all time favourite snack and a must have for any movie screenings, team bonding activities or celebrations!

Carnival World not only provides you with a wide variety of live food booths, but we also provide you with low and affordable prepacked snacks delivered to you in Singapore that you can now have at your upcoming event.

Let us introduce our popular favourites, prepacked popcorns & candy floss! Our tasty & crunchy popcorns as well as our fluffy & soft candy floss are freshly prepared and hot, ready for your event!

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Live Carnival Snack Stations for Rent

Carnival World offers a one-stop carnival snack stations for rent in Singapore! With over 20 live carnival snack stations to choose from, you can be assured to find the carnival snacks you need with us!

From the popular popcorn and candy floss station, to churros and hotdog bun station, and even traditional live food station such as muah chee and tutu kueh… we have it all! Experience the freshness and tasty carnival snacks that we offer at your event now!

Popcorn Machine Rental at Home Fix

Kacang Puteh Live Station

Hotdog Bun Live Station

Muah Chee Live Station

Traditional Drink Stall

Tutu Kueh Live Station

We have more! To see the full list of our carnival snack live stations, click here.

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Carnival Snacks Live Station

Carnival World provide more than 20 different carnival snacks live stations for your party or event in Singapore! Keep your guest entertain with these tasty carnival snacks as we are able to produce approximately 100pax/hour for most of our live snack stations! Below are some of the popular live snack stalls we have done the last few weeks.

Popcorn and Nachos Live Station for VISA

Candy Floss Live Station

Hotdog Bun Live Station

Traditional Potong Ice Cream Station

Cup Corn Live Station

Kacang Puteh Live Station

Our Carnival Snack Live Stations include delivery, set up, free flow serving of up to 100pax/hour, manpower and collection of equipment. For a small additional costing, we are also able to place your branding on our machines, or customised the quantity of snacks according to your needs. (Eg. 500pax for 2 hours event)

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Carnival Snacks Stalls Rental

Carnival World provides a wide range of carnival snacks stalls rental in Singapore. Whether you are planning a carnival theme event for your wedding, school, roadshow or even DnD, our carnival snacks have never failed to create a great experience for everyone!

We have list down the 8 most popular carnival snacks that is affordable and definitely worth every single cents you spend!

1. Popcorn Machine Rental

Popcorn Machine Rental is the cheapest snack stall you can get for your event! It is the most popular carnival snacks and can serve up to 80pax in an hour.

2. Cotton Candy Floss MACHINE RENTAL

Cotton Candy Floss is another cheapest carnival snacks you can find and can also serve up to 80pax in an hour!

3. Kachang puteh Stall RENTAL

If there are any adults above age 40 at your event, kacang puteh stall is a “MUST HAVE” at your event! Our kacang puteh stall definitely brings back memories of the good old days.

4. Traditional ice cream cart RENTAL

Another traditional stall that serve everyone’s favourite snack in the hot weather… Ice Cream! Comes in 4 flavours and serve in either cup or bread, our traditioanl ice cream doesn’t just taste good but it appearance is one of the nicest in Singapore as well!

However, if you like to have our traditional ice cream but the ice-cream cart doesn’t suits your event, then our potong ice cream is for you! Comes with a freezer, we allows our client to paste any promotion materials on our freezer too.

5. ice popsicle RENTAL

Ice Popsicle Stall

One of the most unique item you can get for your event is our traditional thai ice popsicle! Guess what, we can serve up to 160 pax in an hour!

6. hotdog bun stall MACHINE RENTAL

Our Hotdog Machine Rental comes with 2x manpower to grill and serve you the hotdog on a bun! However, a minimum of 5 working days advance booking is required for this.

7. muah chee stall RENTAL

Unlike many, our muah chee stall is loved by many for its appearance and serve in cups that keeps your venue clean!

1. cup corns stall

Cup Corns

Lastly, cup corns is my personal favourite carnival snacks and the smell never failed to attract me to the booth! Served in standard plastic cups, we can serve up to 100pax in an hour!

For more information about our carnival snacks, click here. Please contact our friendly sales assistant for our carnival snacks’ price list! Thank you!

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Singapore Carnival Snacks

It is always great to have some carnival snacks at your event to entertain your guest in Singapore! Here in Carnival World, we provide a list of different carnival snacks for you to choose from. Below are some of our most popular carnival snacks:

Our Carnival Snacks Stall Rental include delivery, set up, materials, manpower and collection of equipment. Depending on the snack stalls you are getting, we may require 1x powerpoint and 1x table per stall. For more information about our carnival snacks, click here.

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Carnival Snacks for Events

Carnival World provides various carnival snacks for events in Singapore! Choose from popcorns and candy floss to ice cream or even churros, we have it all!

Last month, we have provided our carnival snacks for an event a Singapore Polo Club 130th anniversary and takashimaya toys department.


Ice Cream Cart Rental by Carnival World.popcorn-stall-for-rent-singapore

Popcorn Machine Rental by Carnival World.


Delicious popcorns for hire. Check out how our popcorn machine rental looks like when you engage Carnival World in the video below:

Other than our carnival snacks, we also provide professional talents for events as well. Choose from balloon sculpting and face painting to stage performers such as magician and juggler, we have it all here at Carnival World as well!


Face Painting Activity.


Professional Children Magic Show

Turn your event into a carnival with us today!

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Carnival Snacks in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, our carnival snacks are guaranteed tasty and delicious at every events in Singapore. You have to try it to believe it!

Professional Popcorn Machines for Rent

Unlike many, our popcorn machine rental uses fresh corns, sugar and premium butter at our popcorn stall! The smell naturally attracts every guest at your event and they will definitely keep coming back for more!

Tasty Popcorns in SIngapore

Other than popcorns, we also provide traditional carnival snacks such as Kacang Puteh Stall in Singapore!

Popcorns and Kacang Puteh Stall Singapore

Depending on the quantity of your orders, our kacang puteh comes in 6-8 flavours specially chosen by us! Your guest can now experience the traditional taste of Singapore’s Carnival Snacks!

Popcorn Machine and Kacang Puteh Rental Singapore

Another popular carnival snacks would be our hotdog bun stall rental! The hotdog are grilled on the spot at your event and the bun are freshly prepared and served together with the hotdogs. Guest can also choose to have either chilli, ketchup or mustard sauce on their hotdog bun as well!

Hotdog Bun Stall Event Singapore

Freshly grilled hotdogs at a carnival event.

Hotdog Bun Stall for hire

We have a total of 21 carnival snacks for you to choose from! Below are the few carnival snacks that are highly affordable and may be suitable for your upcoming event!

For more information about our carnival snacks, click here.

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machines Rental

Last month, we have provided popcorn and cotton candy machines rental to various events in Singapore!

Popcorn and cotton candy rental Singapore

We have got many positive feedbacks from our client such as the tastiest popcorns they’ve had, we are confident to serve the best butterfly popcorns for your event as well!

Last month, we have supported over 30 events with our food stalls, game stalls and fringe activities. We would like to thank each and every client who have engaged our services. We hope you enjoyed it!

For more information about our popcorn and cotton candy machines rental, click here.

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Delicious Popcorn for Events Singapore

Carnival World introduce our new delicious popcorn machine rental for events in Singapore!

Our popcorn machine rental includes delivery, set up, manpower, unlimited supply of popcorns, materials and collection of the equipment. To get the perfect tasting popcorns isn’t difficult, but it requires a little bit more time, effort, and passion. With that being said, we love what we do!

Why choose us? Because our popcorns taste BETTER!

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Popcorn and Cotton Candy Machine Rental

This Month, we are proud to be engaged by Ang Mo Kio ITE Collage for our Popcorn and Candy Floss services during their Event Road Show, allowing the students to satisfy their inner child within.

Popcorn and Candy Floss

Our Candy Floss are spun by our professionals using a stick and the light, fluffy confection are created in the form of thin threads and finally handing the large soft ball into the hands of the excited student.

Popcorn Machine

Our popcorns are made of good quality corns imported from overseas and not only had it tasted GOOD, it smells GREAT as well! We use fragrant oil to cook our popcorn to ensure that each packet of popcorns stays fragrant, allowing the aroma to travel across the Road Show.

Our popcorns and candy floss are the hot favourite at any event that will not only please the children, but also satisfying the sweet tooth of the adults at affordable rates.

Click here to discover other snack stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

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