Carnival Snacks in Singapore

Here in Carnival World, our carnival snacks are guaranteed tasty and delicious at every events in Singapore. You have to try it to believe it!

Professional Popcorn Machines for Rent

Unlike many, our popcorn machine rental uses fresh corns, sugar and premium butter at our popcorn stall! The smell naturally attracts every guest at your event and they will definitely keep coming back for more!

Tasty Popcorns in SIngapore

Other than popcorns, we also provide traditional carnival snacks such as Kacang Puteh Stall in Singapore!

Popcorns and Kacang Puteh Stall Singapore

Depending on the quantity of your orders, our kacang puteh comes in 6-8 flavours specially chosen by us! Your guest can now experience the traditional taste of Singapore’s Carnival Snacks!

Popcorn Machine and Kacang Puteh Rental Singapore

Another popular carnival snacks would be our hotdog bun stall rental! The hotdog are grilled on the spot at your event and the bun are freshly prepared and served together with the hotdogs. Guest can also choose to have either chilli, ketchup or mustard sauce on their hotdog bun as well!

Hotdog Bun Stall Event Singapore

Freshly grilled hotdogs at a carnival event.

Hotdog Bun Stall for hire

We have a total of 21 carnival snacks for you to choose from! Below are the few carnival snacks that are highly affordable and may be suitable for your upcoming event!

For more information about our carnival snacks, click here.

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