Live Traditional Snacks Stall Rental at Your Service

Not just available in Pasar-Malams (night markets), you can enjoy traditional snacks at any event! Just say it and Carnival World can help fulfill your sweet desires!

Caramel Popcorn and Candy Floss stations are popular choices seen at many events. Why not spice things up (or should we say sweeten instead?), with traditional snacks like Muah Chee or TuTu-Kueh?

Live food stations are available where you can enjoy watching these sweets prepared and pre-packed for you without getting your hands sticky!

Instead of cotton candy floss, opt for Dragon’s Beard Candy which is very similar to the former. Made of thousands of thin strands of corn syrup as fine as hair, which was stretched and twisted repeatedly to be wound into cocoon-like shape. It is no wonder it is a fun sight to watch as well!

Did You Know? The dragon was the symbol for Chinese emperors, the Han Emperor thought that the strands reminded him as a beard since it was sticky enough to adhere to one’s face quite easily, thus that’s how the name came along!

Want more? Carnival World provides a wide range of traditional live food stations such as Kacang Puteh, Traditional Ice Cream Cart etc.

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Serangoon Garden Country Club 2018

We are proud to be working with Serangoon Garden Country Club once again for their National Day Carnival! This year, we provide some of our new carnival games and as well as the traditional snack stations for the family to enjoy!

Colosseum Warrior Challenge Game

Large Carnival Velcro Dart Game

Traditional Tutu Kueh Snacks

Guests get to enjoy various carnival games and carnival snacks at the event! One of the highlight is our inflatable colosseum warrior challenge game where 2 participants get to challenge each other with a inflatable log, standing on a inflatable “rock”! The first who fall off the rock will be knock out!

We had so much fun hosting their national day carnival! We hope to bring more creative and new equipment to enhance their carnival experiences again! To enquire or book our services, simply click on the button below:

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Carnival Snacks Live Stations

Here in Carnival World, we are constantly increasing the varieties of our carnival snacks live stations for you to choose from. From the popular popcorn and candy floss station, to traditional muah chee and kacang puteh station, and even unique live food station such as hotdog bun and Churros station, we have it all!

Here are some of the live food station we have done for our clients at various venues in Singapore.

Click here to discover more than 20 different carnival snacks live stations.

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Singapore Carnival Snack Stalls

From traditional Singapore’s snacks such as muah chee and tutu kueh to Americian’s snacks such as popcorn and candy floss, Carnival World have it all! We are a one-stop Singapore carnival snack stalls supplier that cater our carnival snacks to various parties and events all over Singapore!

Muah Chee Snack Stall

Muah Chee Snack Stall

Unlike many, our snacks doesn’t just looks good at your event, it taste great as well!

Experience the very best of Singapore’s carnival snacks with us. With more than  21 different carnival snacks available for you to choose from, do be assured that your guests enjoy every single delicious snack from us!

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Unique Event Food Stalls in Singapore

Carnival World presents 6 unique event food stalls in Singapore that no other event companies provide!

Firstly, we have our pre-pack churros stall with our tasty dipping sauce. This is the most popular stall that received the most compliment from the guest at the event!

Churros Stall Event Singapore

Muah Chee and Tutu Kueh stall, a traditional snack that all Singaporean loved have attracted hundreds of guest to queue up for these tasty food!

Mua Chee Stall for hire

Pisang Goreng is a snack found mainly throughout Malaysia, Indonasia, Cambodia and Singapore! It is made of deep fried banana or plantain covered in batter or special sauces that appeals to your preference.

Goreng Pisang Singapore

The sweet Bird Nest Drink Stall gets the guest to feel refresh after having the snacks at the event.

Bird Nest Drink Stall for hire Singapore

Lastly, the poplar and famous fried ice cream roll stalls has also attracted many guest at the event! Our ice cream man hand-made and roll the ice cream on the spot, and the guest gets to choose the toppings they want!

Fried Ice Cream Roll stall singapore

Fried Ice Cream Roll Stall.

Fired Ice Cream Roll with different toppings!

Fried Ice Cream Roll

We have over 10 different carnival food stalls suitable for all types of carnival events in Singapore! For more information about our carnival food stalls, click here.

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Carnival Food at Sea Aquarium

Last week, Carnival World supplies 2 carnival food stall for an event at RWS Sea Aquarium in Singapore! As usual, everyone loves it!

tutu kueh singapore

Tutu Kueh stall

Tutu Kueh, a traditional Singaporean delicacy which is made using roasted rice flour and fillings such as grated coconut or peanut. Our tutu kueh are the truly authentic taste of Singapore!

Singapore Kacang Puteh

Kacang Puteh Stall

Kacang Puteh has always been one of Singaporean’s favourite! With 6 different nuts to choose from, our kacang puteh serve as a great snacks before an event starts!

For more information about our carnival food stalls, click here.

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Tutu Kueh Stall Rental

As a Singapore Traditional Dish, Tutu Kueh seems to have a special place in every Singaporean hearts. The round-shaped, steamed sweet snack is made up with palm sugar and shredded coconut filling that makes it smelling fragrant and chewy when eaten.


This nostalgic dish hooks up interesting memories of many as Tutu Kueh Stall used to be commonly found at every corner of Singapore due to its immerse demand. However as the time flies, it is increasingly rare for Tutu Kueh lovers to eat them now due to the evolving food culture.

At Carnival World, we are proud to be your one-stop centre for event services. Relieve and enjoy the taste of the Singapore Delicacy and bring back popularity now with Tutu Kuehs!

Require: 1x powerpoint

Rates Include: Delivery, Set-up, 1x manpower, collection of items, materials, and 100pax tutu kueh supply per hour.

Click here to discover other traditional food stalls from Carnival World Singapore!

Our friendly in-house ambassador can be contacted via email at

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Temasek Club Event Management

Carnival World is proud to manage a successful event at Temasek Club last weekend! Singapore Event Management Service

We provide professional equipment rental for fringe activities such a popcorn machine, candy floss machine, Tutu Kueh, Ice cream, game stalls, balloon sculpting, airbrush tattoo and photo booth. Guest at the event who are there early can enjoy the activities just before the event starts!Carnival Event Food and Games

Carnival World Crew setting up the activities booth 2 hours before the event starts!

Tutu Kueh Carnival Snack

Traditional Tutu Kueh Stall for corporate event!

Event Fringe Activity Singapore

Carnival fringe activities booth for a corporate event outside Temasek Club ballroom!

Ever seen a professional product launch robot? Here it is! (See above video) Designed by Kiki Tay.

Stage illusion Magic Show

Our in-house professional magician, Markson, rocking the stage with live animal magic performance!

Carnival World Crew Team

Once again, we are glad that this event is a success! Looking forward to see you at all the upcoming carnivals and event in Singapore! You can find out more about our event management details here.

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