Bouncy Castle Rental for Parties

No need to look any further! Our company specialised in providing safe, affordable, high-quality bouncy castle rentals for parties and other events. Whether you’re arranging a kids’ birthday party or a family gathering, our bouncy castles are the ideal way to add excitement and entertainment to your memorable occasion.

Do you want to rent a bouncy castle for a party?

Make your party the buzz of your friends; make it one-of-a-kind!

Why should you rent a bouncy castle for your event? First and foremost, they are a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Nothing beats the excitement of jumping and bouncing around in a massive inflatable castle. It’s an amazing way to burn off some energy while still having a lot of fun.

However, bouncy castles are not only entertaining; they are also excellent for encouraging physical exercise and healthy living. In today’s society, where kids spend more time in front of computers and less time being active, it’s critical to find strategies to keep them moving. Bouncy castles are an excellent way to accomplish this. Kids will enjoy leaping, bouncing, and playing in our castles, and you will enjoy the view.


We are committed to providing you with the most affordable and high-quality bouncy castle rentals in the neighbourhood at our bouncy castle rental services. Our castles are composed of high-quality materials that are both sturdy and safe, guaranteeing that your guests have a good time while being safe.

Our castles are available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours to accommodate any occasion. We have a bouncy castle to suit every taste and choice, from classic bouncy castles to themed design bouncy castles such as Robots, Aeroplane, Dinosaurs, Princess castles, and even pirate ships. Our castles are ideal for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, and even adults who are still children at heart!


We take pleasure in offering a dependable and hassle-free rental experience. Our team will bring and set up the bouncy castle at the place of your choice. We’ll also return after the event to collect up the castle, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

So, why should you hire a bouncy castle from us? Here are a few examples:

1. It’s a great way to keep children entertained.

Bouncy castles are a great way to keep kids happy and occupied for hours. Whether they’re jumping, bouncing, or sliding, they’ll have a great time while getting some exercise. While the kids are having a good time, the parents may relax and enjoy the party as well.

2. It’s an unique complement to any gathering.

A bouncy castle is the ideal complement to any celebration if you want to make it stand out. It’s an unique and enjoyable adventure that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

3. It’s high quality, safe and reliable.

Our bouncy castle rental services use high-quality materials that are both long-lasting and safe. And with our dependable rental service, you can be confident that everything will go as planned.

4. It’s affordable

Renting a bouncy castle is an affordable way to add some excitement and fun to your celebration. Our costs are reasonable, and we have packages to suit any budget.

5. It’s easy and hassle-free

We handle everything, from delivery and setup to event cleanup. You don’t have to worry about anything; simply relax and enjoy the party!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun, creative, and affordable way to add some excitement to your upcoming party, look no farther than our high-quality and affordable bouncy castle rental services. We offer a bouncy castle to fit every occasion, with a choice of sizes, styles, and patterns to select from. Contact us immediately to reserve your bouncy castle and prepare to have a good time!



Are you planning a fun-filled boys’ party that will leave your children with memorable memories? There is no need to look any further! Carnival World is your one-stop shop for bouncy castle rentals for a boy’s birthday party! Our Singapore bouncy castle rental service provides the perfect solution for bringing unbounded joy and excitement to any party. In this blog post, we will look at the wonderful variety of our bouncy castles and discuss why engaging our company is the ideal option for your next boy’s party!


Never-ending Adventure and Entertainment

Nothing like a bouncy castle for providing fun for active lads! We have a robot-themed bouncy castle similar to the one depicted above. Not your cup of tea? We provide a wide variety of bouncy castles that provide a compelling and thrilling experience that will keep your guests entertained for hours! The opportunities for adventure are limitless, whether they’re jumping, sliding, or bouncing. The bouncy castles provide a safe and secure area for youngsters to engage in physical exercise while exploring their imaginations. It’s an excellent method to ensure that the lads have a good time at the party and burn off some energy in a safe and entertaining environment.

A Wide Range of Themes and Designs

Take a look at this! Yes! We also have unique inflatables like the one shown above! For any party or event, a sports-themed inflatable that mixes baseball, basketball, and darts! Even the older generation will be enthralled by this! Carnival World understands that each client has specific preferences. That is why we have a wide range of themes and designs to fit diverse party themes and hobbies.

From superhero adventures to pirate adventures, there is a bouncy castle that will definitely complement your celebration! Our vivid and eye-catching designs will captivate the attention of young minds immediately, taking them to a world of excitement and wonder. We have the perfect bouncy castle to bring your child’s imagination to life, whether he or she is a Spider-Man fan or a swashbuckling pirate.

Safety First

Your children’s safety is our first priority. We take strict precautions to ensure that all of our bouncy castles are of the greatest quality and comply with all safety regulations. Our inflatables are built of long-lasting materials and are periodically examined for wear and tear. Our skilled personnel will also do a complete setup, ensuring that the bouncy castle is securely secured and correctly inflated. We prioritise safety while not sacrificing enjoyment, providing you peace of mind that your children will have a safe and enjoyable time.

Hassle-Free Rental Process

Planning a boys’ party might be difficult, but hiring a bouncy castle from our company is easy. Contact us to browse our wide selection of bouncy castles, see their characteristics, and select the one that best meets your needs. We also provide variable rental durations, allowing you to plan the duration that best matches your needs. Our goal is to make the renting process as easy and stress-free as possible so that you may focus on creating great moments for your child.

Professional and Friendly Service

Our commitment to client satisfaction is unequivocal. Our committed team will give professional and courteous service from the moment you contact us until the day of the a party. Our experts will help you choose the best bouncy castle for your needs, answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the bouncy castle rental process. Our team will arrive early on the day of the event to put up the bouncy castle, assuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. At every step, we strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring that your party is a resounding success.

Affordable and Value for Money

We believe that every child should be able to enjoy the fun of a bouncy castle. As a result, we provide affordable prices without compromising quality. Our bouncy castle rental packages are designed to provide exceptional value for money, and include services such as delivery, setup, and dismantling. You may create a memorable party experience for your children without breaking the bank by using our affordable bouncy castle rental service. We understand the value of cost-effective solutions and are dedicated to providing affordable party entertainment that puts smiles on children’s faces.

Small Bouncy Castle For Rent

When it comes to organising a memorable boys’ party, our bouncy castle rental service is the best option. We are dedicated to offering unlimited fun and adventure to your special occasion with a wide choice of intriguing designs, a commitment to safety, a hassle-free rental process, expert service, and cheap costs. Make unforgettable memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. Contact us immediately and start jumping!

Mario Kart Racing Arcade Rental


Carnival World offer a wide range of arcade and carnival games for party hire in Singapore! As the trusted party planner and party rental company, we have over 400 party equipment rental so you can be assured to find what you need when engaging our services. Our team has also plan, execute and manage private parties, corporate party, family day and many more.


Our arcade games rental range from the popular arcade basketball, bishi bashi and batman racing machine, to retro video arcade machine and mario kart machine, we have it all!  


Whether you are hosting a party, event or a large scale carnival or D&D, carnival games always get people excited! Engage our carnival games rental for your upcoming party today from just $99 for a full day rental!


Every kids love to jump in a pit filled with colourful soft balls! Engage our ball pit rental to surprise your kids at his or her birthday party!


If you have a large backyard, you can consider having a bouncy castle rental or even a large inflatable obstacle course for your upcoming party! Here’s our safari obstacle course setup at our client’s landed property in Singapore.


What if you don’t have a large backyard, but have a large pool in your house? No worries, as our water inflatable obstacle rental is just what you need for your party! Our modular water obstacle course length can be increase or reduce according to your pool size.

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Construct! Bouncy Castle for birthday party



Perfect for kids’ birthday parties – making them little princes and princesses feel more royal than they already are on their special day! By gifting them one full day of bouncy fun as they rule and command on their very own castles!

Dimensions: 3m by 3m by 2.5m

Bounce & Slide Combo here is the most ideal if you’re holding a small party or if the venue is not big enough! No size of any bouncy castles can prevent children from squealing in excitement as they scramble along to jump up and down in our safe inflatables.

Or if they are adventurous enough to rule a different land, opt for the Lion Kingdom! One great party idea to go along with this popular design: have a safari-themed party where kids can dress up as zookeepers or have animal face painting too!

Dimensions: 5.5m by 6.5m by 3m

Our Robot Factory and Pirate Ship for our little ones to relish their secret childhood dreams. Aye, aye captain!

Robot Factory: 5m x 4m x 3.5m
Pirate Ship: 5.5m x 4m x 3.5m
(up to 10 children at a time)

Or if you prefer a color theme for your party, our Construct! bouncy is perfect in the vibrant shades of orange and yellow that is a definite win of eye-catchers!

Dimension: 4m x 3.5m x 3m

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Modular Water Obstacle for Rent


Just when we thought we’re out of the woods, the government announced we’re encouraged to stay home for a while longer. Which means, if you’ve got a little one’s birthday coming up, then you’ll need to get creative with the celebrations. While you won’t be able to head out or invite friends and family over, you can still have heaps of fun. Our suggestion? Throw a birthday party at home!

Carnival World has planned and managed hundreds of big and small parties over the last few years. During the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we are now shifting to smaller party ideas for kids who want to celebrate their special day with friends and family!


Planning a smaller birthday party during the pandemic doesn’t mean taking away the fun! There are many other fun activities and party rental you can hire for small birthday parties:


Carnival World offers over 20 different bouncy castles rental to choose from. From small bouncy castle that is able to fit into a HDB Flat, to large bouncy castle that fits at the back of your garden, you can be sure to find 1 that your kids love!


Hire your favourite arcade games rental to surprise your family and friends! Carnival World have many popular arcade machines such as arcade basketball and air hockey, to retro arcade games such as video arcade and spider stompin!


If you are planning a pool party in your home, our popular water inflatables rental may just be what you are looking for! Our modular water obstacle course and our new inflatable seesaw are the 2 most popular water inflatables that we currently offer!


Carnival World offers a wide range of art and craft activities! During the pandemic, we have provide various art and craft workshop at parties such as sand art, window art and even balloon sculpting workshop!


During the pandemic, we are unable to order and serve self-service buffet to our guest. However, you can still order live food stations for your guests! 


Balloons always make a party feel festive and bring up the mood at a party! Instead of filling up the whole venue with balloons, focus on decorating the area where you are hosting your cake cutting ceremony and photo-taking!

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Carnival World offers new bouncy castle rental promo 2021! We provides a wide range of Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore at an affordable rate. Our range of bouncy castles are suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to older children! With bouncy slides and obstacles, our bouncy castles will bring hours of fun for your children! Our clean and safe bouncy castles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Most importantly all Our Bouncy Castle are all cleaned and sanitized!

Our new bouncy castle rental promo 2021 is here! Our promo is valid till 31st December 2021, and price starts from just $225/- for a full day rental! Book now and save! *(event date must NOT be later than 1st Jan 2022)

  • Small Bouncy Castle – 10% OFF
  • Medium Bouncy Castle – 15% OFF
  • Large Bouncy Castle and Obstacle Course – 20% OFF

Our bouncy castle rental includes:

Delivery of equipment
Installation and Set up
1x Soft Mat
Cleaning and Sanitisation
Dismantle and Collection
Complimentary 2x plush toys

Our promo is available for ALL bouncy castles listed on our website! So hurry, book your favourite bouncy castle with us today!


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Carnival World offers affordable carnival games rental in Singapore!

From claw machines, bouncy castles, carnival games, arcade game rental and even carnival rides, we have suitable equipment for all your events!

With over 3000 successful events completed, you can be assured with us.

As a direct carnival equipment supplier, we own hundreds of in-house carnival equipment, enabling us to keep our prices low.

Not sure what to pick ?

Chat with our friendly sales department and let us discuss the carnival games you need for your event.

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Candyland Bouncy Castle for Rent Singapore

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Carnival Event at Asia Square

Few weeks back, our company has managed a small carnival event at Asia Square in Singapore! From carnival snacks such as popcorn and candy floss to fringe activities such as caricaturist and face painting, you can watch both adults and kids having a great time!

Here in Carnival World, we love what we do! Our staff and in-house artist enjoy themselves at each and every carnival, which is what makes us different from the rest! We are committed and striving to be the leading carnival event company in Singapore!

Our popular Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle!

Click here to discover some of the past event we have managed.

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Bouncing Castle Rental in Singapore

If you are looking bouncing castle rental in Singapore, you want to look for the most attractive looking bouncing castle that fits into the theme of your event. Other than that, there are a few other things you need to take note of below:


Firstly, you have to know the size of your venue and make sure the length, breath and HEIGHT of the bouncing castle is able to fit into your venue space!

Age group

No matter which company you hire, tell them the age group of the people who are going to jump on the bouncing castle! Some of the cheap bouncing castles you found may not be suitable for older crowds as their materials are not able to withstand their weight.


Our bouncing castle are made of heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin and PVC cover, the best quality for inflatables! Bouncing castle made of other materials may not be able to withstand the weight of older kids.


Safety is our number 1 priority when it comes to bouncy castle rental. All of our bouncing castle do NOT have a close top (in case of power failure) so that children will NOT be trap in the bouncing castle. Also, we recommend switching off the blower and not allow anyone to be on the bouncing castle when it rains. Contact us for more information about the safety issue when renting a bouncing castle.


Ensure your venue has a powerpoint at the area where you want to place your bouncing castle. Depending on the size of the castle, we require one or two 3-pin powerpoint (220v) to power up the blower/s.

Below are some of our bouncing castle photos!

To see the full list of our bouncing castles, click here.


Our experienced team have set up countless of bouncy castles from birthday party to family day events in Singapore! If you are still unsure whether your event venue is suitable to have a bouncing castle, simply contact our friendly sales assistant and we are more than happy to help!

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VR Game Station Rental

Carnival World provide VR Game station rental for your upcoming event in Singapore! We have received extremely good feedbacks for this VR station as it has become one of the highlights at the event! Here’s how the VR station looks like:

No carnival is complete without carnival game stalls! Be it family day or a roadshow carnival events in Singapore, we have all your carnival event needs! Below are a few of our carnival game stalls and bouncy castle set up for our client’s family day event!

All in all, we have 4 types of video game stations for rent:

Looking for something that is not in the list above? We have more than 50 different carnival games to choose from! View the full list of our carnival game stalls here.

Feel free to contact our sales representative if you need any other information from us! Simply click on the button below to enquire:

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