NUS Bizad Charity Run 2019 Carnival

Other than family day carnivals, Carnival World also specializes in events such as roadshows, dinner & dances, open house etc. That’s why we had to be there for NUS Bizad Charity Run this year where they held this event annually for fundraising.

With the event open to all students, alumni and public, Carnival World gets to provide a carnival experience for everyone post-race where they enjoy sweet treats such as popcorn and candy floss, savory churros as an energy booster and refresh themselves with ice cold grass jelly drink and assorted ice popsicles. And all these are available for rental from only $200* onwards! Click here to check out all the yummy live food stations we offer!

The race is not over after the marathon where the runners challenge their skills at the claw machines to get themselves another soft squishy prize to accompany their sweet shining medal for the hard work! If endurance and patience is not your thing, fun fair games such as Basket Toss, Knock Down Teeth and Milk Can Toss is where you can use your remaining physical strength after the race to hit some target and win a prize! Check out our full list of carnival games here!

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Bonding Fun @ SAF Family Day Carnival

The Singapore Armed Forces has engaged Carnival World recently to help out for their Family Day where we have organized fun activities and games for all ages!

Unlimited free-flow supply of live food stations like sweet popcorn and fluffy candyfloss were easily convenient for the families to snack on while they have a go at the games such as 2 meters high inflatable games like Knock-em Down, Outer Space, Western Hoop and Tic Tac Toe that is going at an affordable rental rate of $200* per game.

Standing at 5.5m x 5.5m x 3.5m, our eye-catching bright yellow Colosseum Warrior puts the strength and balance of 2 courageous warriors to the test as they battle it out against each other. No fun human is harmed in any way physically; safe for both adults and children.

Arts & Crafts station is available as well, where kids can design their own sand art if they are not up for games! Carnival World offers a wide range of fringe activities that can cater to all such as stage magic show, caricature, glitter tattoo and airbrush, face painting and photo booth services.

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New Unique Inflatable Bouncy Games

We can’t contain our exhilaration but Carnival World is more than thrilled to share with you guys that we have 2 new addition to the family!

Be the envy of others when you rent our brand new inflatable Whack A Mole which not many in Singapore provides rental for! Not only it is appealing on the outside, relive your childhood and exhilaration on this classic arcade game but instead, in REAL LIFE!

Each game can be played up to a maximum of 7 players, with one Whacker in the middle armed with a soft inflatable hammer to catch the “moles” on the outside when they try to complete their task of collecting as many soft balls as they can. In a sense, the “moles” have to work together as a team to collect the balls and distract the Whacker, perfect game to rent especially if you’re planning for corporate team-building activities!

At a length of 13 meters,  be sure to be in awe as we introduce to you our new Carnival Obstacle Course! Perfect for outdoors and especially if you’re organizing a big event and wanted to create some challenge for your event-goers! We also have themed obstacle courses like Sports Arena as well as Army Obstacle with affordable rates from $1200* onwards!

Click here to check out our other bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses.
Click here to check out our large inflatable games.

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Professional Box Games For Carnival Events

Carnival World’s wide range of table box games are one of the biggest in the market. Standing at 0.93m by 0.93m, they are all designed in bright colors to visually appeal to the event crowd.

As one of our top popular choice and with the most affordable rates, turn your event into a fun carnival for all by getting a few of our box games here!

Among them we have our “Feed Series” and “Shooting Series” – where players will be given 3 balls and 3 shots for the latter to score at least 1 just to win! To complete your event with a full carnival experience, opt to get assorted game prizes from us for your participants, from as low as $0.60 onwards*. Rates are priced at $120 per stall, with a minimum rental of 3. Special package price can be provided if you’re renting more stalls or days!

Check out our full list below:

  • Feed The Clown
  • Feed The Pig
  • Feed The Bear
  • Shoot The Duck
  • Shoot The Target
  • Shoot The Alien
  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Milk Cans Toss
  • Coin Toss
  • Egg Nest Throw
  • Aeroplane Throw
  • Finish The Race
  • Match The Colour
  • Basketball
  • Baseball Catch
  • Fetch
  • Archery
  • Dart Game
  • Balloon Dart
  • Tic Tac Toe

Tables and manpower are not included. Strictly for indoor or sheltered venues only.

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Count Down To Fun With Carnival World

Carnival World is capable to manage multiple events at once just to create that fun-filled experience for you! So last New Year’s Eve we were also engaged by one of our regular clients to be part of their Countdown Party happening right outside the spacious open field of Keat Hong Community Club.

It was pouring that evening but that did not stopped the residents from enjoying the on-site stage performances as well as lining up for the mini carnival organized by us! Standing at the highest height of 4.2m, our attention-grabbing bouncy castles could be seen from afar populated with jumping children. Featured on that day was our Carnival Land bouncy castles along with Candy Land and Red Dino which can fit up to 16* children comfortably, and our large inflatable games playable for all such as Tic Tac Toe, Cowboy Face Off and Large Inflatable Darts with rental starting from just $200* onwards!

Of course fun activities were available for adults as well – you can compete with your family and friends in a game of Large Digital Basketball, or try to beat for a new high score on the Beats Saber game on our VR set! Check in with us for the full list of Wii, Play Station and VR games!

If you’re keen in our fun inflatable games, do click on the link here.
Bounce for our bouncy castles here, boiing!

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Hype Up Your Event To The Max With Mega Ball Pit

You have seen colorful ball pits at launch events and roadshows but what about one that is ginormous and 12 meters long!!!!!!!!! You can practically swim laps in it!

Mega Ball Pool

Just last month, we’ve worked with Our Tampines Hub to create that fun experience for the residents by providing this Mega Ball Pit for their 2018 Countdown Event! No prize for the correct answer but guess how many balls were swimming in this colorful pool? 38,000 bright multi-colored soft squishy balls! At 12m by 6m, you can rent this at just $4,800 with inclusive of delivery, set up, dismantle and collection!

Do note that this is a dry pool. Click here if you’re looking for inflatable pool and other water games!

Our ball pit rental is open to customization and comes in various sizes that can cater to any event of yours! And good news – you can do so even if you have your own balls and just like to rent for our ball pit, or vice versa!

Small Ball Pit: 2m by 2m // fits 4-6 kids // 1,500 balls ($450)
Large Ball Pit: 4m by 2.5m // fits 6-8 kids // 8,000 balls ($1,800)
Giant Ball Pit: 5m by 4m //  fits 10-12 kids // 15,000 balls ($2,400)
Mega Ball Pit: 12m by 6m // fits 16-18 kids // 38,000 balls ($4,800)

All ball pit rentals are for indoors/sheltered area only.
1x Powerpoint is required for set up for our Mega Ball Pit.

Psst, did you also know that our ball pit could also be used as a prop for your photo booth as well?

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Unique & Traditional Carnival Snacks For All

Carnival World provides rental for a wide array of live food stations for events of any sort just so you can indulge in a carnival experience anywhere!

Popular staples seen at any carnival events would be the sweets! Loved by both adults and children, all our live food stations are prepared on the spot without much hassle and waiting time! Popcorn, cotton candy floss, churros; you name it, we have it!

If you’re not much of a sweet tooth, why not indulge in our savory finger snacks such as our live hot dog buns, fries, nuggets, nacho chip stations that can be available at your events! And of cos there’s always desserts as well! Replenish your energy after all the fun games with our cooling flavored ice Popsicle, thai ice-cream rolls, snow ice cones or gulp down a cup of Slushee! Ahhhhhh, doesn’t that just sounds refreshing?

Or give your event a twist by engaging in some traditional snacks which brings nostalgia close to our hearts. It will show novelty and provide opportunities for your event to be the talk of the town! Carnival World is proud to provide muah chee, tutu kueh, steamed peanuts, potong ice-cream and many many more!

With rates starting from only $200* onwards, we take care of the delivery, set-up, dismantle and collection! What’s the hassle? Just prepare your hungry tummies!

Do take note that each food stall require a minimum of 2 hours rental and manpower is not included unless otherwise stated.

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Plan Your Next Awesome Event With Us

Wanna make your event phenomenal and the talk of the town? Let Carnival World be your aid!

Just like how Four Seasons Hotel has engaged us earlier this month for their Family Day where it was jam-packed with fun-loving families, adults and children having a good time on a Sunday morning.

Like a walk in the park, we opted for a Live Popcorn Station as well as a Ice Cream Station that are both prepared easily and packed in a bag for the former and a variety of sweet indulgent flavors cupped or on a crunchy cone with colorful toppings. For the event go-ers, this is like the best of both worlds as lesser waiting time for the food means more time for the games yay!!!

Standing at 5m by 3.2m by 3m tall, it was no doubt our Knight Castle was a popular choice among the little princes and princesses. Adults can still enjoy the same amount of fun by trying out their skills and luck at our carnival inflatable games. A cute version of Basketball Game was featured, along with the rest like Outer Space Balls, Cowboy Face Off, Shuffle Balls and Western Hoop!

Click here to check out the full list of our inflatable games.
Click here to check out the full list of our bouncy castles.

Lastly, don’t forget to take some quick snaps with the themed props to bring home a souvenir! Our photo booth service rental goes by the hour so you don’t have to worry if the photo didn’t turn out to your liking as our fast instant print-outs are unlimited!

With rental for live food stations and inflatable games starting from only $200/stall onwards, what’s gonna hurt to have a lil fun?

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Draw Attention To Your Event With Unique Mascots

What’s a carnival experience without having mascots roving about taking photos and giving joy to both adults and children at your event?

Here at Carnival World, we supplies a wide variety ranging from themed mascots like Santa Claus, Snowman, Gingerbread Man for Christmas Day as well as cute cartoon characters like Minion, Teddy so on etc.  Just let our friendly sales assistant know the concept of your event and we’ll be able to provide the ones most suited and guaranteed to draw attention to your event!

And with 2019 closing in soon on our doorsteps, why not welcome the Lunar New Year with some fortune? Engage our Cai Shen Ye, the God of Fortune who will bless your office/event, giving out of candies or red packets could be arranged as well.

Or have more company with Fu Lu Shou, also known as the Three Stars Gods representing the qualities of Prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu) and Longevity (Shou). Also to draw more attention and festive vibes to your event, why not have the rarely-seen traditional Chinese opera performers on stilt that’s bound to turn heads!

Rates start from $350* onwards.

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Top Carnival Provider for Your Event

As one of the top Carnival Event provider in Singapore, we have organized and participated in many events ranging from parties, roadshows, corporate Dinner & Dances and many more!

Earlier this month, Marina Bay Sands engaged us for their annual #OnePartyOneMBS Dinner & Dance held at the Convention Centre.

Arcade staples like the Basketball Machine, King Of Hammer, Foosball and Air Hockey were present so that you can enjoy that nostalgia even in the surroundings of your workplace.

If sports aren’t your thing, how about venting out in a game of pool or darts throwing with your colleagues?

Have you ever seen a Human Bowling Game in real life? Or do you wanna fight your comrades off the stand on the Colosseum Warrior just like how you always watch on TV? Make things more exciting at your event by including fun and unique games like these!

Discounted rate can be discussed when there are more machines and/or more days of rental. All rates include delivery, set-up, dismantle and collection. Manpower can be arranged whenever required.

The event was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves at the party! Kudos to MBS for organizing such a lit D&D for their employees whose hard work have paid off for the year!

As always, Carnival World is here to create a fun & memorable carnival experience for all!


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