Carnival Professional Equipment Rental

Carnival World provides rental of professional equipments to companies or family for events. Equipments such as dancing tube, portable aircon, table, chairs, lighting, PA sound system, etc.

Event Potable Aircon Rental Singapore

We have been providing event equipment rental for almost 8 years to over 1000 events in Singapore!


Full sound system set with 2x Speakers
SG$550/- Only (Recommended for up to 200pax-indoor / 150pax-outdoor) up to 6 hours

2x Speakers only (able to play music from any mobile devices)
SG$250/- Only (Recommended for background music at event)

Carnival World provide professional and affordable sound system for all types of events!

  • What you see (in our image gallery) is what you get!
  • Loud Speakers on Tripod – 2x1000Watts – Behringer
  • Audio Mixer – Mackie (as shown in the image)
  • Graphic Equalizer – 2Chan/15Band – Behringer FBQ1502
  • CD/MP3 Disk Player – (with also mp3 cable to sound system)
  • Wireless Vocal Mic – 2x Digital Wireless – Wireless Handheld System (Shure)Note:
  •  Add on manpower for only $25/hour (min 4 hours)
  • Additional 2 speakers at $200/- (total 4 speakers)
  • Includes all electrical extensions, audio cables, spare batteries.
  • Also includes delivery, setup, sound check, and collection.

Tentage for Rent Singapore

Feel free to visit our event equipment rental page for more details by clicking here! For the price you are paying for the equipment rental we rest assure you that we only use provide equipments that are of good quality allowing our clients to feel at ease with the usage of our equipments!

Event Table for Rent

Tell us more about your event and we can recommend some of the activity booths that best suits your party or event in Singapore. Our friendly in-house ambassador (Kaden) can be contacted via email at [email protected]

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